Byron Bay Weddings

Bringing your wedding to life in the entertaining seaside village of Byron Bay offers so much more than you could ever dream of. Hosting a wedding or a vow renewal in Byron is easy, fun and saves you searching the world for a beautiful wedding venue.

Byron Bay beach

Marry the one you love in beautiful Byron Bay with a Commonwealth authorised wedding celebrant of your choice. This website is a guide, an online wedding guide, to help you with our choice of a celebrant, male, female, or other genders in Byron Bay.

There are a diverse range of marriage celebrants in Byron Bay, it’s literally your pick of the celebrant bunch. You can choose an internationally renowned celebrant like Josh Withers, or someone local and unique.

Your Byron celebrant will deliver an entertaining ceremony, according to Australian law and will be registered in New South Wales, as Byron Bay falls under the NSW jurisdiction.

Wedding guests love a Byron Bay wedding experience, from first getting their wedding invitation on a wedding website – or a wedsite? – through planning their trip away from the boredom of work to an idyllic Byron Bay getaway, they will love every single second of it!

Byron Bay Weddings is a local corporation that owns a lot of the industry but the local vendors outside of that group, including vendors from the Gold Coast and Brisbane, have great process and experience with events in the Byron Hinterland.

Anyone who has seen that episode of Friends where Joey is the officiant, or celebrant, for his best friends might think that it’s a great idea to have your friend present your ceremony and your story – it’s a great photo. But bringing happy words and excitement, creating tears and emotions through talking is a powerful skill.

In the Byron region there are a fantastic collection of photographers, entertainers for your wedding entertainment, cake makers, videographers, stylists, wedding planners, masters of ceremony, and of course wedding venues.